Tony Luciani: MAMMA In The Meantime

Loch Gallery is delighted to announce Tony Luciani's exhibition "MAMMA In The Meantime", presented by Villa Charities with support from the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Toronto. Tony's work will be on display until April 3 at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery in the Columbus Centre.

This comprehensive exhibition tells the story of Tony and his mother Elia, the dynamic model and subject of Tony's collection of 150 photographs and 3 paintings that powerfully narrates the daily life of mother and son and the experience of living with dementia. Together, they have created unforgettable stories about dealing with aspects of frailty and aging, while holding onto childhood dreams.

Along side Tony's work, this exhibition features 40 recent photographs by Tony's ninety-five year old mother Elia.

Loch Gallery had the pleasure of hosting an exhibition of 20 select photographs by Tony from the collection "MAMMA In The Meantime" in our Toronto an Winnipeg Locations. Please contact the gallery if you would like more information on any of the photographs displayed in the exhibition

Congratulations to Tony's celebrated and well-deserved recognition.


~ Making Forgetting Memorable ~




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