Loch Gallery is thrilled with the arrival of Patrick Amiot’s newest sculpture to be installed in front of the gallery at 16 Hazelton Avenue, a larger than life Canadian Mountie made of recycled materials.

Originally from Montreal, artistic duo Patrick Amiot and his wife, Bridgette Laurent have been based in California for amost two decades. They have created a reputation as the Michelangelo’s of recycled art by animating their adopted community with over 300 large-scale outdoor sculptures.

The Mountie towers 15 feet high and is made from an assortment of recycled materials recuperated by Patrick and Bridgette who are on a constant search for objects with an inherent shape to realize these creations.

In talking about his current sculpture, Amiot states “in reality, you don’t just come out of nowhere. My style still holds the same character as my early ceramic work.” From the time he was in his early 20’s and met sculptor Bill Reid, the master of West Coast native art to being informed of East Coast Folk Art as well as awareness of his own French Canadian Heritage, Amiot absorbed Canada’s unique influences.

Spurred on by the success of his work in Canada and the United States along with the enthusiasm of his Sonoma County residence, Amiot has demonstrated a determination to go bigger and wilder with each new challenge. Pushing the boundary of traditional artistic techniques is evident in this exciting new work.

Loch Gallery is proud to represent Patrick Amiot.

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