DAVID WARD designed Gold and Silver Coins available at the Royal Canadian Mint

Artist David Ward was commissioned create a design that portrayed the "Canadian Arctic Landscape" for two 1kg coins; one gold, one silver titled "Heart of the Arctic" for the Royal Canadian Mint.


Coin image© 2014 Royal Canadian Mint. All rights reserved /
Image de pièce© 2014 Monnaie royale canadienne. Tous droits réservés

"To read more about Ward's Arctic inspiration follow the link to his website: http://www.wdavidward.com/curr-jan13.htm

"Sculpted by relentless winds, grinding ice and bitter cold, the vast, open Canadian Arctic landscape embodies the ancient spirit of Earth's glacial past. Locked in twilight for much of the year, cast in blinding contrast for its few months of midnight sun, the Canadian Arctic is like no other place on Earth.

For Canadians, the Arctic represents not only a massive component of the nation's geography and the interconnectedness of Canadian lands from sea to sea to sea, but the source of the ice, snow and cold that has carved out not only the land but the soul of this country. Mapped by Canadian explorers such as those of the 1913 Canadian Arctic Expedition, the lands, waterways and continental shelves extending from the Northwest Passage to the nearer North are sovereign Canadian territories that play an important role in the heritage of Canada's people, geography and environment."

To learn more about the coins and about how you can acquire one of these iconic pieces please follow the links to the Royal Canadian Mint website:

Gold coin: https://www.mint.ca/store/coin/1-kilo-fine-gold-coin-canada%19s-arctic-landscape-mintage-20-2013-prod1620015?o_action=crossSell

Silver coin: http://www.mint.ca/store/coin/1-kilo-fine-silver-coin-canada%19s-arctic-landscape-mintage-750-2013-prod1620016?o_action=crossSell#.Uxo65872LWi



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