"The Illuminated Landscape" IN TORONTO

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"The Illuminated Landscape"

In Toronto



Barry McCarthy
Lunch Break View, BC
Oil on Canvas
36" x 48"


W. David Ward
Queen B's
Acrylic on canvas
10" x 12.25"



David Thauberger
Acrylic on canvas
34" x 46"



Shannon Craig Morphew
Open Sky
Oil on Canvas
36" x 72"


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About the Exhibition:

Loch Gallery is delighted to present "The Illuminated Landscape" a selection of paintings that captures the physical and the varying effects of the elements on the landscape, including four new arrivals from Barry McCarthy, W. David Ward, David Thauberger and Shannon Craig Morphew.

Barry McCarthy is a master of light. His most recent canvas "Lunch Break View, BC" is inspired by a journey through the winding mountain roads of British Columbia that McCarthy completed on his motorcycle last Fall. In "Lunch Break View, BC" McCarthy momentarily captures the rays of light that break through the rolling clouds as they pass over the imposing Rocky Mountain peaks.

The Pacific Northwest coast has given W. David Ward an array of subject material to paint through the years. His first trip to Haida Gwaii in 1988, then Queen Charlotte Islands, was the catalyst to his lifelong commitment to his art. The spirit of the place never left him. He returned to the islands in 2016 with a group of artists, sharing with them an enchanting place quite literally on the edge of the world. "Queen B's" in Queen Charlotte City is a quaint cafe overlooking the small harbour and the mesmerizing landscape particular to Haida Gwaii. The cafe's garden offers a tranquil oasis, a place to take in the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, or the caw of the raven.

David Thauberger is especially interested in views of prairie buildings - an interest not hard to understand when one considers the impact and heightened presence these have in the relentless flatness and infinite recession of the prairie landscape. Buildings become signs or emblems of much prairie social and community life, like these grain elevators in the painting "Vanguard".

Shannon Craig Morphew's scene of Ontario farmland titled "Open Sky" exhibits her skill of line. The painting has unique characteristics; exaggerated foreshortening, asymmetry of design, areas of flat colour, and imaginative linear strokes all converging into an energetic symphony that evokes the movement of the wind as it blows over the field.

Please note that all works are subject to pre-sale as they have now arrived in the gallery and are ready for viewing. If you have an interest in any of the paintings listed, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

With kindest regards,
Alan Loch



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