RON BOLT, "ROCK OF AGES: Paintings of the Precambrian Shield & Georgian Bay", NOVEMBER 11-25 IN TORONTO

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Paintings of the Precambrian Shield

& Georgian Bay




Ron Bolt
Transcendent Night North
Oil on Canvas
45.5" x 59.5"



Ron Bolt
A Precambrian Silence
Oil on Canvas
24" x 48"



Ron Bolt
Oil on Board
24" x 24"



 Ron Bolt
Bay Sparkle at Six
Oil on Board
30" x 30"


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About the Exhibition:

Loch Gallery is pleased to present “Rock of Ages: Paintings of the Precambrian Shield & Georgian Bay". This collection of paintings is based on a series of photographs taken over the past 15 years on trips to Georgian Bay, accompanied by a group of artists from the Arts and Letters Club. Favoring a camera as a sketching tool, Bolt has used the photography medium for the collection of visual information and the revival of emotional memory.

Georgian Bay is one of the best places in Canada to study the surface of the shield, as in other parts of the country it is hidden by soil and vegetation. In Ron’s own words, “The Precambrian Shield covers over half of Canada. It is a defining feature of this country and has determined settlement patterns, industrial development and economic activity.  It has also been a source of interest for writers, musicians and painters.  To touch a rock face is to be in contact with a process that began close to four billion years ago at the bottom of an ancient sea. A Precambrian landscape has witnessed a continuous rising and setting of the sun during a span of time no one can fully comprehend. It's a mystery.

The shield presents a visual record of the fearsome, primal forces that created it and the climatic conditions that even now slowly shape its form and surface.  It tells a continuing visual story, a story that fascinates and inspires me.”

Ron Bolt will be present from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday November 11, 2017.

Please note that all works are subject to pre-sale as they have now arrived in the gallery and are ready for viewing. If you have an interest in any of the paintings listed in the exhibition, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

With kindest regards,
Alan Loch



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