RON BOLT: "OCEANS OF THE MIND", June 14 - July 2, 2014 in Toronto

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June 14 - July 2, 2014 At Loch Gallery in Toronto



Ron Bolt
Surf Solar
Oil on Canvas
46" x 36"


Ron Bolt
Oil on Canvas
46" x 36"


Ron Bolt
Sparkle Silent
Oil on Canvas
36" x 46"


Ron Bolt
Pacific Twilight
Oil on Canvas
44" x 55"

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About the Exhibition:

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world."

Henry David Thoreau said that in the mid 19th century and it is even more relevant today as we put increasing negative pressure on our environment including the oceans which we depend on for our very lives.

I have been painting the oceans for over 40 years. Although other subjects such as the Pre Cambrian Shield and foreign cultures (as in the two Italian works shown in this exhibition) continue to be subjects for my work, I always seem to return to  exploring that vast watery wilderness.

The paintings in this collection are again about reflected light and an exploration of how the camera magically turns light into form. They are about the infinite variety of the ocean's surface and they are about the energy expelled when the sea meets the land.

But above all, the works are a reminder that the oceans are an integral part of our lives. Their fury can destroy us and they will never be tamed. But they protect us and sustain our environment and we need to pay attention.

-Ron Bolt
Cobourg, Ontario
June 2014

Ron Bolt will be present Saturday, June 21st from 2-4pm. Join us in welcoming the artist at 16 Hazelton Ave.

Please note that all works are subject to pre-sale as the paintings have now arrived in the gallery and are ready for viewing. If you have an interest in any of the paintings listed in the exhibition, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

With kindest regards,
Alan Loch


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