TEST ORIGINAL NEWSLETTER FORMAT - Exhibition Celebrating 40 Years Dec. 8th-19th, 2012 In Calgary


Tom Thomson
Autumn, Algonquin Park
Oil on Panel 8.38" x 10.5"
Price Available Upon Request


William Kurelek
Rink Making in Manitoba
Mixed Media on Board 14'' x 14''
Price Available Upon Request



Helen McNicoll
A Welcome Breeze
Oil on Canvas 20" x 24"
Price Available Upon Request


Lawren Harris
  Maligne Lake - Jasper National Park
 Oil on Panel 10.58" x 13.78"
Price Available Upon Request

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About the Exhibition

The Loch Gallery is honoured to celebrate its 40 years of history by presenting this exhibition of outstanding paintings by Canadian artists. The opening reception will be all day Saturday, December 8th, 2012 with Loch Gallery founder David Loch in attendance.

Additional works have been made available for the Calgary exhibiton. Please note that all paintings are subject to pre-sale as the works have now arrived in the gallery and are ready for viewing. If you have an interest in any of the works listed in the exhibition, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

With kindest regards,

Ian Loch

Celebrating 40 Years

"Successful dealers have always helped frame the history of modern art.  Across Canada, over the past century, perceptive dealers like Watson, Stern, Agnes Lefort and Toronto's Laing, Moos and Isaacs have brought forth fresh talents.

In mid-western Canada galleries emerged later and at a much slower pace.  A major pioneer in that process was a young Edinburgh-born immigrant to Winnipeg named David Loch.  He had been drawn to Canada in 1967 by an advertisement for Eaton's sales employment.  By 1972, however, encouraged by an enthusiasm for art engaged by youthful visits to the National Gallery of Scotland, he decided to open a small art gallery in downtown Winnipeg.

During the forty years since, David's contribution to Canada's visual culture has been unceasing, though too little known.  In 1992, twenty-five years after his arrival to Canada, he, along with his friend Hartley Richardson, established the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden at Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park.  The pair furthered the contribution in 1998 with the establishment of the Pavilion Museum also at Assiniboine  Park making it a model of its kind.  The Pavilion houses a donation of 200 paintings, 5000 drawings and 17 sculptures from Ivan Eyre and a major collection of Walter J Philips works donated by John P. Crabb.  Loch's most recent contribution came in 2011 when he arranged for the permanent placement of nine monumental bronzes by Ivan Eyre at the McMichael Collection of Canadian Art in Kleinburg.

During his long career, David assisted in the formation of many of the most prominent collections in the country.  Outstanding among these was the renowned collection of Kenneth Thomson, for whom he was a close personal friend and adviser.

Today, upon the fortieth anniversary of the Loch Gallery's founding and its tenth anniversary in Toronto, David Loch's role of disseminating art into the Canadian community has been inherited by his sons Alan, Ian and Graeme, who direct galleries in Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary.  There they will continue to offer a full range of Canadian Art from Paul Peel and Morrice, to the Group of Seven and such modern masters as Ivan Eyre and Michael Forster.”

Paul Duval, November 2012


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