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Art Consultation

Established in 1972, Loch Gallery has prided itself in advising clients on what should be considered when establishing a collection of art. The fundamental rules never change; when building a collection of art, it is quality and not quantity that is important.

Art Evaluation and Appraisals

Since 1972, collectors, businesses, institutions and estates have relied on us for appraisals for a wide variety of purposes including insurance, tax, charitable donations, financial and estate planning. Our years of experience make us particularly adept at interpreting comparable sales, both public and private.

Are you an art collector or thinking of starting a collection?

We represent original 19th and 20th century Canadian artwork of collectible and historical interest, as well as a select group of gifted professional artists from across the country. In addition to our specialty in Canadian artwork, we also offer expertise in the fields of 19th and 20th century American, European and British art.

We hold several special art exhibitions throughout the year, featuring rare and important early Canadian art, as well as shows featuring our gallery artists.

Wanted to Purchase

Are you thinking of selling original artwork? Established in 1972, we offer 48 years of experience in the art business. Loch Gallery offers a viable and safe alternative to auction houses, eliminating the risk of devaluation when a work publicly fails to sell. We have no hidden fees and our transactions are discreet.

Although specializing in Canadian artwork, we also have expertise with collectible early paintings from abroad. We are particularly interested in European, British, and American art, as well as "old master" works of all traditions.

When buying or selling valuable original works of art, we respect the privacy of our clients. All sources of artwork are kept strictly confidential and transactions are conducted in a straightforward and professional manner.

We are pleased to provide references to support our professional reputation.

  1. Please contact us by e-mail, telephone or the post. We will give you a preliminary assessment of the importance and value of your artwork, based on photographs or digital images and a written description of the artwork.
  2. After a fair market value has been agreed upon, we may need to examine the artwork for condition and authenticity. In this case, David Loch would arrange to meet with you to examine the artwork. This is made possible by the numerous trips he makes across Canada with no obligation to the client regarding his expenses.
  3. Purchase options include outright purchase or consignment sale.
  4. Commission rates charged by auction firms range between 20-30 percent of the final price paid by the buyer at auction. We place historic major paintings into important collections for a fee of 10 percent.


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