Gallery Services

Art Consultation

For more that three decades, we have quietly and confidentially established a number of the finest collections of art in Canada.  Collections of art such as these cannot simply be purchased.   Paintings and sculpture must first be discovered, vetted and then considered before asking a client to deliberate an acquisition.

Loch Gallery offers expertise in the art of collecting.  Our knowledge and commitment will ensure that you are building not only a collection, but also a timeless legacy that future generations will treasure.

Professional Restoration

Loch Gallery is experienced in assessing the condition of artworks and recommending necessary treatments. Our fine art conservation and restoration professionals are expertly trained with years of experience. They clean, restore and skillfully remedy the more complicated issues of art restoration.

Art Valuation and Appraisals

Since 1972, collectors, businesses, institutions and estates have relied on us for appraisals for a wide variety of purposes including insurance, tax, charitable donations, financial and estate planning. Our years of experience make us particularly adept at interpreting comparable sales, both public and private.


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