"Canada’s a nation of regions – a fact that includes its various art scenes. A painter who may be a big deal in, say, Toronto has negligible traction in Edmonton, and vice versa. Occasionally, though, a so-called regionalist achieves a sort of true patriot love across our vast home and native land.

David Thauberger is one such artist. Sixty-six in June, the Saskatchewan-born, Regina-based painter, ceramicist and printmaker has been wowing fans for 30-plus years with his clear, colourful, precise, folk-meets-pop depictions of Prairie farmhouses, dance halls, curling rinks and gas stations.

Loch Gallery is delighted to announce the launch of the 40-year retrospective exhibition of nationally-recognized Regina artist, DAVID THAUBERGER. Co-organized by the Mendel Art Gallery and the MacKenzie Art Gallery, the show explores how the idea of place has shaped Thauberger's work.

"Buffalo on Salt Flats with Water" by Roberta Bondar

Discover the breathtaking beauty of our planet and learn about biodiversity by exploring seven biomes through the photography of Dr. Roberta Bondar at the TELUS Spark The New Science Centre in Calgary, Alberta. The exhibition will be open to the public from January 24, 2014 to June 15, 2014.

"Time Enough" by W. David Ward

Canadian artist and author W. David Ward brings to the reader his fond memories of the Isle of Man in his first book, Time Enough. This truly unique novel – a collection of tales, traditional and contemporary – enlightens the reader with regard to the relaxed and friendly nature of the Island. In the Isle of Man, old beliefs and contemporary ideas coexist. When the doors to the old world are left open however, we never quite know who will drop by, and we shouldn't be surprised when events in everyday life reflect those recorded in local lore. Our own journey, like that of John-y-Chiarn, may occasionally take us along rough and unexpected paths, but we might also discover some unlikely characters have helped us on our way.

"North Watch" by Ivan Eyre at Portage Ave. and Main St. in Winnipeg, MB

A major work by "the greatest living Canadian artist" is now on permanent display at Portage Avenue and Main Street.

A  bronze sculpture almost four metres high depicting a man and his devoted dog.

The work North Watch by Winnipeg's Ivan Eyre was unveiled earlier this week in front of the Richardson Building, sponsored by the Richardson Family.

"Ivan's always been considered a very significant artist -- he's in every museum and gallery in the country," said gallery owner David Loch. "He's the greatest living Canadian artist."

42 x 82 in
Country Sky by Ivan Eyre
42 x 82 in
Brain Tree by Ivan Eyre
55 x 42 in
Green Banks by Ivan Eyre
28 x 20.5 in
Purple Shirt by Ivan Eyre
42 x 82 in
Lake Light by Ivan Eyre
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