Philip Craig - Philip Craig Sketches

Philip Craig Sketches by Philip Craig
Philip Craig, Trap Skiff
Philip Craig, The Leaning Tree
Philip Craig, Tuscan Sketch
Philip Craig, My Dog Happy
Philip Craig, Red Teapot Study
Philip Craig, The Red Barn
Philip Craig, Fogo Island NL
Philip Craig, The Falls
Philip Craig, Moraine Lake Winter
Philip Craig, Orchard Hill with Cypress Trees
Philip Craig, Stoney Brook
Philip Craig, Vase with Red Flowers
Philip Craig Sketches - Philip Craig
Oil on Canvas
8 x 10 in
CAD 2000.00

Priced at $2,000.00 each

Left to right & top to bottom by column: 
"Trap Skiff"
"The Leaning Tree"
"Tuscan Sketch" 
"My Dog Happy" 
"Red Teapot Study"
"The Red Barn"
"Fogo Island, NL"
"The Falls"
"Moraine Lake Winter"
 "Orchard Hill with Cypress Trees"
"Stoney Brook"
"Vase with Red Flowers"

Loch Gallery, Toronto
Canadian Landscape


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