Ivan Eyre - Three Horses

Three Horses by Ivan Eyre
Three Horses - Ivan Eyre
Acrylic on canvas
26 x 68 in
Price available upon request.

The artist writes:

This could be a view set in Nepal or Tibet, but everything here is invented.  My interest was in incorporating two profoundly different formations in the one canvas- a dark, prairie plane set against a light, complex range.  The three horses establish the distance from the viewer and give scale to the plane. Light, which is coming from the mountains, creates a rectangular silhouette. The low, blue hill at mid-canvas echoes the shadowy hill in the foreground and introduces the chasm.

Long, narrow formats have regularly been part of my way of implying big open spaces. My widest work, which was long in completing, is Valley West, which runs to 27 feet 4 inches.

Ivan on Eyre, "Three Horses" pg. 410

Loch Gallery, Calgary


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