William Lee Hankey

William Lee Hankey was a painter, illustrator and etcher of landscapes, figure subjects, and harbour scenes. Hankey was born in Chester in 1869 and served with the Artists Rifles from 1915-18. His interest in painting scenes of the consequences of war extended to the effects on the lives of civilians. He Studied at Chester School of Art, Royal College of Art and in Paris. For many years he lived in France and painted the majority of his pictures in Normandy, Brittany and on the Cote d'Azur. He consistently depicted the daily life of the working poor in scenes of market life, mother and child portraits and street scenes. Influenced by the masterful Romantic poetry of Keats and Wordsworth, he won many medals and became an elected member of many major art institutions, including the Royal Institute. His work is represented in collections both in England and abroad.

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Historical works of significance


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