William Brymner

Painter, draughtsman, illustrator, muralist. William Brymner, born at Greenock (Scotland). Son of Dr Douglas Brymner, the first Dominion archivist. Was brought by his family to Melbourne, in the Eastern Townships, Quebec, in 1857. Studied architecture with the chief government architect in Ottawa; at Council of Arts and Manufactures, Montreal, 1868-1869. Went to Paris in 1878 and turned to painting. Studied at Julian's and with Carolus-Duran in Paris. Director of classes at the Art Association of Montreal, 1886-1921. Apprenticed with architect R.C. Windeyer, Montreal, 1870. Employed by office of chief architect. A.R.C.A. in 1883, R.C.A. in 1886, P.R.C.A., 1909-1918. C.M.G. in 1916. Died at Wallasey, Cheshire on June 18, 1925. Painter of figures and landscape.

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Historical works of significance


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