Randolph Stanley Hewton

Randolph Stanley Hewton, painter (born at Maple-Grove, Québec 12 June 1888; died at Belleville, Ontario 17 Mar 1960). He studied under William Brymner in Montréal (1903) and at the Académie Julian in Paris (1908-13). In Paris he met A.Y. Jackson (1912), whose influence on his style would be considerable. This influence and the impressionism to which he was exposed in Paris can be seen in his early Canadian landscapes. His interpretation was sympathetic to that of the Group of Seven but was not initially well received in his native Québec (1913). Perhaps his strongest development was in figure painting and portraiture, in which he successfully combined the traditional fundamentals with contemporary influences, as in Sleeping Woman (1929). He was a founding member of the Canadian Group of Painters (1933) and was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 1934.
Bio Credit: The Canadian Encyclopedia. 

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Randolph Stanley Hewton
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