Nadine Lundahl

Nadine Lundahl was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1958, where she studied at the Royal Academy of Arts. As a student, Lundahl trained in the art of still life painting while studying the techniques of the 17th century Flemish and Dutch artists who first established the genre the area is known for. From an early age, Lundahl was exposed to painting and rare objets d’art, owing to her father’s profession as an antiques dealer and her lineage as a descendant of the well-known Finnish artist Amelie Lundahl. Working with a relatively small scale, Lundahl develops her subject matter using traditional oil painting techniques, working on specially prepared panels. She is careful to select objects that relate together in form, texture and colour to display a sensual arrangement of contrasting surfaces. Lundahl's compositions reflect a stillness that is juxtaposed to the momentum of modern life. The artist lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium and has exhibited in England, Finland, Portugal, Norway and now in Canada.

Available artwork: 
Chestnuts in Brown Pottery with Pewter Can by Nadine Lundahl
Chestnuts in Brown Pottery with Pewter Can
Oil on Canvas, 20 x 24
Loch Gallery, Calgary
Pears on White Cloth by Nadine Lundahl
Pears on White Cloth
Oil on Canvas, 10 x 24
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Artist origin: 
Artist type: 
Established living contemporary


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