Kathleen Frances Daly Pepper

Daly, Kathleen Frances, painter (b 28 May 1898; d at Toronto 31 Aug 1994). Daly studied in Toronto, Paris and New York. She traveled annually from 1924 to 1930 on sketching trips to Europe. Her accomplished sense of line and rhythm, although closely associated with the work of the Group of Seven, reveals an underlying confidence in her own stylistic interpretation and use of color. Her work could at times reflect social concerns, as in her paintings of the Montagnais natives of the Charlevoix and the Stony Indians of Alberta. She married George Pepper in 1929 and they worked out of the Studio Building in Toronto (1934-35). They painted together in all parts of Canada, and over a period of 25 years (1930-56) she showed work in all the major Canadian exhibitions, as well as in London, England.

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