Jack Chambers

Chambers was born in London, Ontario in 1931.  In his determined search for art training in early adulthood, he left Canada in 1953 travelling throughout Italy, Austria, France and Spain. Upon settling in Madrid, the artist studied and graduated 4 years later from the well-known classic Academy de Bellas Artes de San Fernando.   Moving to Chinchon, a smaller town in the hills south of Madrid, the artist continued to paint and exhibit while winning numerous awards both in Spain and Canada.

1961 proved to be a major turning point for Chambers when he returned temporarily to London upon learning of his mother's terminal cancer.  Here he discovered a new vibrant art scene, a supportive community and a desire to return.

Surrealist paintings of the early 60's reconnected Chambers after his long absence to his past personal world, his family members, history and local geography.  While absorbing the art world's dynamic burst of creativity in the 60's Chambers moved quickly through the silver period, film making to the extended period from 1968 to 1977 described by him as "perceptual realism".

Available artwork: 
Shirdi Baba by Jack  Chambers
Shirdi Baba
Graphite on paper, 7 x 5
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Landscape by Jack  Chambers
Watercolour, 6.87 x 5.75
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Jack  Chambers
Artist origin: 
Artist type: 
Historical works of significance


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