DP Brown

D. P. Brown was born in Forestville, Ontario in 1939. He studied at Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick receiving his BFA in 1961 and an Honorary Doctorate in 1989. His love of drawing began at a very early age and this sign of future creativity was tended with care. At the age of twelve, he accompanied A.Y. Jackson, F. H. Varley and Will Ogilvie on sketching trips around the family cottage on Georgian Bay. By the late 70's, a catalogued exhibition at Fischer Fine Art in London, confirmed his status as one of the new leading high realist painters in Canada. Dan painted the world around him and at this time, there was a basic unity of rural subject matter. “The Auction”, (1975) a complex country scene of a typical Ontario Gothic House, a barn, household objects to be sold scattered on the lawn and at least 30 figures milling about, was typical. Over the years and as a result of extended time spent in the United States and Europe, Brown's subject matter expanded. Most recently, “Reflections” and “Barren Cathedral” comment symbolically on his life, his personality and his values. Now back in Canada and in a new studio, Brown continues the high realist tradition of discipline in technique and craftsmanship necessary to complete his initial vision through months of effort in the painstaking tradition of egg tempera painting. D. P. Brown's paintings are in important public, private and corporate collections throughout Canada and the World.

Available artwork: 
Spirits by DP Brown
Colour Pencil on Paper, 25.5 x 21.5
Loch Gallery, Toronto
View from Window by DP Brown
View from Window
Tempera on Panel, 21.5 x 14
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Wild Turkeys by DP Brown
Wild Turkeys
Tempera, 20 x 20.5
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Wave by DP Brown
Tempera, 15 x 35
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Island by DP Brown
Tempera, 12.25 x 27
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Pigeons by DP Brown
Coloured Pencil on Paper
Pencil / Pen & Ink, 42 x 29
Loch Gallery, Toronto
His Room by DP Brown
His Room
Tempera, 15.75 x 16.5
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Barren Cathedral by DP Brown
Barren Cathedral
Tempera, 41 x 25.5
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Broken Vase by DP Brown
Broken Vase
Tempera, 14.5 x 20
Loch Gallery, Winnipeg
DP Brown
Artist origin: 
Artist type: 
Established living contemporary


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