Patrick Amiot

Patrick Amiot is a Canadian sculptor who has exhibited yearly since the mid 1980's in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Originally from Montreal and now living and working in Sebastopol, California, the artist continues his Canadian connection through the Loch Gallery. Amiot holds a unique place in Canada. His sculpture links the Quebec 19th and early 20th century genre tradition to a contemporary pop/folk statement. Described as an urban folk sculptor, Amiot's ceramic and mixed-media work ranges in subject matter reflecting his acute observation and sense of humour in our daily life. A passion for hockey, musicians, quirky cars and trucks, fishermen and farmers, street scenes and interiors - all are subjects for Amiot. There is an immediacy and yet a formidable attention to detail as if working in clay were as spontaneous as drawing. His partner, Brigitte Laurent, completes the sculptures after firing with very fine brushwork and a sophisticated sense of colour. It is no wonder that Patrick Amiot has completed many commissions over the past twenty years – from the British Columbia Pavilion, Expo 86, Vancouver, the Winnipeg Jets 1993 and Standard Broadcasting, Toronto in 1995 to the Sonoma County Museum, Sonoma, CA in 2004.



Available artwork: 
Chicago Blackhawks Jersey by Patrick Amiot
Chicago Blackhawks Jersey
Mixed Media, 32 x 25 x 3
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Montreal Jersey by Patrick Amiot
Montreal Jersey
Mixed Media, 32 x 25 x 3
Loch Gallery, Calgary
Toronto Jersey by Patrick Amiot
Toronto Jersey
Mixed Media, 32 x 25 x 3
Loch Gallery, Calgary
Blue Jays Player (Martin #55) by Patrick Amiot
Blue Jays Player (Martin #55)
Recycled Materials, 78 x 50 x 55
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Ice Cream Truck by Patrick Amiot
Ice Cream Truck
Recycled Materials, 76 x 47.5 x 24
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Spadina Streetcar by Patrick Amiot
Spadina Streetcar
Recycled Materials, 41 x 22 x 8
Loch Gallery, Toronto
The Swimmer by Patrick Amiot
The Swimmer
Recycled Materials, 52 x 33 x 6
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Johnny Bower by Patrick Amiot
Johnny Bower
Recycled Materials, 84 x 65 x 51
Bird by Patrick Amiot
Recycled Materials, 73 x 29 x 32
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Prince Charming by Patrick Amiot
Prince Charming
Recycled Materials, 80 x 28 x 24
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Hockey Player by Patrick Amiot
Hockey Player
Recycled Materials, 78
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Campbell Truck by Patrick Amiot
Campbell Truck
Recycled Materials, 31 x 58 x 22
Loch Gallery, Winnipeg
Baseball Player by Patrick Amiot
Baseball Player
Recycled Materials, 25 x 18 x 18
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Fireman by Patrick Amiot
Recycled Materials, 46 x 36 x 26
Loch Gallery, Winnipeg
Cow & Tractor by Patrick Amiot
Cow & Tractor
Recycled Materials, 85 x 45 x 45
Loch Gallery, Winnipeg
Skate Rat by Patrick Amiot
Skate Rat
Not yet specified, 18 x 18 x 8
Loch Gallery, Calgary
Jacques Plante, ED. 10 by Patrick Amiot
Jacques Plante, ED. 10
Mixed Media
Not yet specified, 16 x 12 x 11
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Massarelli Bros by Patrick Amiot
Massarelli Bros
Mixed Media
Mixed Media, 15 x 30 x 10
Loch Gallery, Toronto
Hunting Trip by Patrick Amiot
Hunting Trip
Mixed Media
Not yet specified, 24 x 24 x 12
Loch Gallery, Winnipeg
Patrick Amiot
Artist origin: 
Artist type: 
Established living contemporary


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